Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson Helping Hands and Nelson BAys Motor Group sponsorship

Following on from the success of the Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson, Nelson Certified Builders, Helicopter House Build - where a key component of the build was the supply of a site vehicle, from Nelson Bays Motor Group – Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson are continuing with their Helping Hands project, with a number of great community projects ready to go.

Nelson Bays Motor Group have decided to join forces with Mitre 10, and supply a vehicle for the programme co-ordinator, Murray Leaning. Here is a picture of a very happy Murray getting his new Holden Colorado Ute from Dealer principal, Vern Walker.

Vern Walker said, “there is a great synergy between us and Mitre 10, working on these projects in the community, and having a full time site vehicle for all of the projects, will certainly make things more efficient for Murray.”

Vern has a real passion for the Rescue Helicopter, and was pleased to hear that Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson has another fundraising project lined up for the trust.

“Watch this space”, says Murray, “the new project is really exciting, and will take what we do to a whole new level!” In addition, Murray will be out there, giving sports clubs the chance to fundraise. Every couple of weeks, Murray will take the Ute out to a different sports club, along with the Mitre 10 MEGA BBQ, and sausages supplied by the Mad Butcher, which the club can cook, and sell, and keep the money!

“It’s called the Colorado Club Cook Up”, says Murray, “and all clubs have to do is contact me, at Mitre 10 MEGA, and book a date”.

This is just one of the ways that Nelson Bays Motor Group will be working with Mitre 10, in the community. Over the last 12 months, Mitre 10 MEGA Nelson has renovated a house for the Perrone family, built a disabled bathroom, for young Miro, in Hira, landscaped and built gardens at Abbeyfield hospital, and an IDSS house, helped build a new War Memorial at Marsden Valley RSA Cemetery, laid pest traps and planted trees at the Brook Sanctuary, rebuilt the arena and pens at Richmond Riding for the Disabled- and a couple of others that Mitre 10 had to fly under the radar – plus, along with Certified Builders Nelson and NMIT, plus a heap of subcontractors, built a house in their car park, auctioned it, and gave the Nelson Marlborough rescue Helicopter Trust $142,000!

Having a dedicated vehicle will mean that site visits, material supply runs, towing equipment, and delivering people will be so much easier. “I can’t believe the generosity from Nelson Bays Motor Group,” says Murray. “The Colorado proved itself to be the ultimate tradesman’s vehicle, rugged, reliable, powerful. Comfortable - it was my second office, and made me 20% more productive
with the amazing Apple car Play system.” 

“It took everything I threw at it, and more” said Murray.

“We can’t thank Nelson Bays Motor Group enough, or recommend them highly enough, watch out for this great Truck doing fantastic work in the community”.

A new community partnership Nelson helping hands and Nelson Bays Motor Group Holden Colorado