A night with Liam Hughes at Nelson Bays Motor Group

Dr Liam Hughes is one of Nelson’s leading cardiologists and he believes cardiac screening should be introduced for New Zealand's elite athletes and sports organisations should have access to resuscitation equipment. He would like to tell his phenomenal story of crossing the Atlantic in a light hearted manner and answer the question; ‘Is it safe out there’ after recent deaths of elite sportspeople.

In 2006 the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital cancelled a planned and promised cardiac theatre development much to the annoyance of Dr Liam Hughes who was then aged 53yrs and the senior member of the department. He decided to do something about it and within two years had suffered and or achieved amongst other things the following:

  • Drank too much at a charity fundraising committee meeting.
  • Opened his mouth while the brain was disengaged.
  • Got seriously fit.
  • Dodged 250,000 ton tankers.
  • Been threatened with the sack.
  • Worried seriously about being bitten on the arse by a shark.
  • Heard his body slowly fall apart.
  • Lost 3kgs a week despite eating 4000 cals a day.
  • Been attacked by flying fish.
  • Been a huge disappointment to dolphins.
  • Seen the Southern Cross and Pole Star in the same sky.
  • Performed medical procedures without the necessary expertise.
  • Rowed 5,000 km.
  • Broke a world record.
  • Shoved a cheque for $2 million up the hospital CEOs arse ( unfortunately this one isn’t true).

Join Liam and the Nelson Bays Motor Group team for a night of light entertainment and find out why the ultra-fit are suffering cardiac arrest - Wednesday 8th November from 6pm at Nelson Bays Motor Group, 54 Collingwood Street (corner Collingwood & Halifax Sts), Nelson.

Tickets $25pp which includes wine, beer and nibbles. A fundraiser for the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust. Purchase from Nelson Bays Motor Group.


You can buy online (however, fees apply) or email paula@helirescue.co.nz

Night with Liam Hughes