Farewell Ross Brownless

Nearly 17 years at Dayman Motors Ltd (now Nelson Bays Motor Group). Where did the years go? I can remember thinking after 2-3 months in the job, what the hell have I done! Coming from a fairly cruisy DOC job to the motor industry - madness some would say.

However I have loved the industry, you certainly know you are alive. You experience every emotion from euphoria to despair.

A lot has changed in my years in the industry. We used to spend a lot more time out on the yard, weekly washing of all yard cars and talking to more people coming through the yard to look as they didn't have the Internet or TradeMe.

Things have changed dramatically with computerisation for us and our customers. We see less people face to face but when we do they are much better informed than before - this works to our advantage sometimes but also against us in others.

I have seen a lot of new exciting and different products come through over the years, you certainly get a lot more for your dollar in a vehicle today than ever before.

Making the decision to step aside from frontline sales and 'take the foot off the throttle' hasn't been an easy one for me as Garry and Vern have been very good employers to work for, and we certainly have a family type of culture here with some other members of staff having worked 20 plus years for the company.

There are also the younger guys who are a breath of fresh air and add a new zest to the company and its culture - they know who they are!

My wife, Edna and I are looking forward to taking a good break away from everything, getting a few things done we've been wanting to do for sometime before considering the opportunities ahead.

Finally, but not least, something very dear to me, which I have put a lot of energy into over the years, is the interaction and relationships  have had with a lot of people. Many have developed into long term friendships.

So, to all my customers, thank you for your trust in doing business with me and this company over the years. I wish you all well for the future and am sure our paths will cross again.

Warm regards, Ross Brownlee