After 14 years competitive surfing, Taranaki-based pro surfer and Subaru Brand Ambassador Paige Hareb has had some time to hang out, rather than just hang ten, in the waves around the world.

Subaru of New Zealand's Brand Ambassador Paige Hareb

PHOTOS COURTESY OF PAUL BRUNSKILL- SURF 2 SURF: Subaru of New Zealand’s Brand Ambassador surfer Paige Hareb with her new 2016 Subaru XV Crossover. 

While not qualifying for the 2016 Women’s World Surf League for the top 17 women in the world was disappointing, Paige has a positive attitude moving forward this year. Subaru of New Zealand has supported Paige for over five years and will continue to support her determination to continue paving the way for Kiwi surfers – in 2008 she became the first New Zealand woman to qualify for the ASP Women's World Tour.

She has enjoyed being able to surf her home-town breaks this summer but February’s competition itinerary is packed as Paige heads to New South Wales in Australia for three events. She will compete first in the Komunity Project, at Boomerang Beach from February 16 – 18, then the Burton Automotive Women’s Classic, in Mereweather, Newcastle, from February 22 to 28 and finally contest the Hurley Australian Open in Manly from February 29 to March 6.

The busy schedule is part of Paige’s plan to return to world-level competition.

“I had some great ups which makes me know that I can do it and get back there but I just need to minimise the downs, although having my surfboards not turn up for a whole event, there’s not too much I can do about that!” Paige says.

 “To be knocked off the World Tour after six years of having around 18 contests and going from one to the next and feeling like that’s all you’ve ever known; to having less than half that many contests and having a whole lot more spare time to surf when and where you want to actually surf, plus to train and hang with friends more. It really has felt like quite a difference for me,” she says.

Paige has used the time out from the constant travelling to hone herself into even better surfing shape. She has started working with an “amazing fitness trainer and mentor” Ryan Steinhoff in San Clemente, California.

“He has definitely helped me get excited about this year’s competitions, which will take me to Australia, Central and South America and Europe, and I’m probably the fittest I have been in years,” Paige says.

Subaru of New Zealand Managing Director Wallis Dumper says Paige’s choice of vehicle is the new 2016 Subaru XV Crossover.

Mr Dumper adds that the Subaru XV Crossover, knows how to do freedom in style and provides adventure without compromise.

“The All Wheel Drive Subaru XV Crossover enables Paige to access and enjoy elements of both her professional and personal life - surfing her favourite breaks in New Zealand, whenever she is at home,” Mr Dumper says.

Paige says the XV Crossover is perfect for whatever season she might have some time for adventuring in.

“Living in Taranaki I have to go over rough farmland to get to some beach breaks in summer. Then if I have a trip home in winter, the XV Crossover is awesome for heading up the mountain to ski or snowboard.”

Launched back in 2011 the Subaru XV Crossover was the first all-new model to enter the Subaru range for many years and it was also one of the first compact SUVs to enter the market. Subaru knew it had to make a statement.

The resulting XV Crossover doesn’t look like any other SUV on the road and has since become the convention-breaking crossover vehicle. Combining the versatility of a SUV with the style and handling of a small car, the XV lets its driver escape the norm.

Paige also loves the Subaru XV Crossover’s three USB ports, which allow her to keep her phone, Go Pro camera and iPod, all charging at once. Cruise control is another important function as she hits the highways on road trips around the country.

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Paige Hareb  Paige with Subaru XV Crossover

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